• Appropriate Physical Activity Attire and Dress Code Policy for Physical Education classes at Brooke Intermediate North


    Students are required to wear socks and tennis shoes that have laces that are tied tight and/or velcro.  All shoes must have treads on the bottom.  Any student wearing a dress or skirt must have shorts on under the dress or skirt.  Students may not wear bracelets, long earrings, lapel pins, watches, jewelry of any kind, etc. because they could cause an injury to themselves or someone else. If the students do not meet the above dress code they will have to sit out of Physical Education class for the day. If wearing an item that can be removed they can do so and still participate.  When we do scooter activities I ask the students not to wear loose clothing, dresses, or skirts because the material could get caught in the wheels and tear their clothes or cause an injury.  This dress code is for the safety of your child during Physical Education class.  Here at Brooke Intermediate North I am concerned for your child’s safety and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.  This dress code helps limit injuries during physical activity.   As always “IT’S SAFETY FIRST AT BROOKE INTERMEDIATE NORTH!!!!!!!!!!”


    Mr. Williamson

    Physical Education