• Mrs. Leary's Classroom Management Plan 2016-2017  W.M.S.


    As we work in the classroom this school year, I will give my best effort for the students. I also expect that they will put forth their best effort in Social Studies class.

    We will, of course, follow all Brooke County and Wellsburg Middle School policies.

    In addition to these, I ask this of my students:

    1. Be here, be on time, stay the day.
    2. Follow class, school, and bus rules.
    3. Respect the rights, feelings, and property of others.
    4. Come to class prepared.
    5. Complete assignments.



    Let's work together for a successful year.


    Linda Leary




    Students may use assignment notebooks to keep track of assignments.

    TEXTBOOK:  McGraw -Hill Discovering Our Past:  A History of the World

    DAILY:  Bell-ringer activities, vocabulary activities, analyze questions, writing, informational texts

    WEEKLY:  Vocabulary, informational texts, writing, document-based questions

    9 WEEKS:  essays, projects


    MATERIALS: 3 ring binder, loose leaf paper, pencil


    GRADES:  posted on Livegrades