• Health Syllabus and CM Spring 2017

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  • Physical Education 2016-2017 Classroom Management Plan

    Course Objectives:   

    We will utilize physical education to teach students the values and character traits that will assist them in becoming productive members of society.  This course will utilize sports, games and physical activity to improve the students’ health and skill related components of physical fitness.  The student will develop an appreciation of the benefits of regular physical fitness and learn behaviors that will lead to participation in lifelong fitness activities.  We believe that with active participation on a regular basis, the student will develop an appreciation for physical activity.  This appreciation increases the odds that the student will continue to make proper decisions in regards to physical fitness in the future.


    A few of the activities students will participate in include:


                Fitnessgram                                          Football                                    Basketball

                Aerobic Exercises                                 Tennis                                      Archery

                Strength Training                                   Outdoor Recreation                  Volleyball

                Abdominal Training                               Track                                       Softball

                Team Handball                         Indoor Recreation                     Soccer



    Grading Policy:

    Students will be graded based on appropriate dress for physical education, active participation and appropriate behavior.  We are not concerned with students’ level of “athletic ability”.  Students will earn points daily based on the following:

    1. Dressing in accordance with attire established by the PE department
      1. Athletic shoes only – no sandals, boots, flip-flops, etc.
      2. No headwear such as hats or bandannas
    2. Participation to the best of one’s ability in daily activities, including warm-up
    3. Written assignments/assessments
    4. Points will be withheld due to improper dress, lack of participation, and inappropriate behavior
    5. Choosing not to dress appropriately will result in 0 points for the day.
    6. Students will complete the Fitnessgram physical fitness test
    7. Students will receive a 0 for each absence over 3 unless written make-up work is completed in a timely manner
    8. Grades based on the grading scale found in the student handbook


    Class Expectations/Procedures



    1. Students must be in their seat when the tardy bell or rings or they will be marked tardy.
    2. Students will respect the teacher’s property, their fellow students’ property, and school property at all times.
    3. Student are expected to use restroom facilities before class or when in the locker room to change for class.
    4. No food or drink is permitted. You may have bottled water.
    5. Role will be taken before going to the locker room to change. Students will enter and leave the locker room as a group.
    6. No student is to be in the gym without the teacher.
    7. No student will enter the locker room until instructed to do so by the teacher.
    8. Students must change into appropriate physical education clothing.
    9. Written make-up work will be required of any student who accumulates 3 or more absences. If make-up work is not completed in the allotted time frame, the student will receive 0 points for the day.
    10. Failure to dress and/or participate is a violation of the classroom management plan.  The student will receive 0 points for the day and the classroom management plan will be followed.
    11. Students must complete the FITNESSGRAM physical fitness test to satisfy state education requirements.
    12. Students who are absent or do not participate in an equivalent of 10% of physical education classes will receive an “F” for the course and must reschedule and successfully complete the course in order to graduate.
    13. Students are not to bring valuables to class. It is not the responsibility of the teacher to keep or hold valuables. You may bring a lock to secure valuables in a locker during class, but the locker must be emptied and the lock removed at the end of each class.


    1. Absolutely NO CELL PHONES, NO TOBACCO, and NO CUSSING!!! Those are my three main rules for this class, please respect these rules and we will not have any disciplinary problems.




    Policy for Severe Behavior:

    Severely disruptive behavior such as repeated disruptions, defiance, fighting, cursing, physical assault, or verbal abuse of teacher will result in immediate referral to the Office.





    Contact Information:

    Students who need to contact me can see me during class or in room 203 during homeroom. You may also reach me through Live Grades inbox messaging. 

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