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    Dear Student / Parent:


    Welcome to the new BROADCAST TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT at Brooke High School.


    This new CAREER TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION curriculum is intended to give the student working knowledge in the field of media/broadcasting so they can excel and advance their education further beyond high school or possible secure an entry-level job in the vocation.


    Students will not only gain knowledge about the career opportunities available to them, but they will acquire the necessary “hands-on” tools, develop critical thinking skills and thrive in a simulated workplace setting. This will enable them to accomplish daily tasks, projects and assignments that professionals working in the industry complete on a regular basis.


    Along with the learning skills each will develop through these core classes also comes the responsibility associated with representing the department and school as a member of the Brooke High Broadcasting Team.


    As a student in the broadcast technology department, everyone is NOT just taking classes and acquiring grades to fulfill their school requirements, they are representatives of a unique group responsible for transforming information to the audiences – both inside and outside school boundaries -- through broadcast means (i.e. BHS Morning News Show, Podcasts, Sports Broadcasts, Recorded Programs/Project and Internet Radio). With this opportunity also comes the responsibility each of us has to conduct ourselves in a professional manner when we are talking with sources, producing and delivering our projects. We must abide by the code of ethics to assure that everyone is represented accurately and fairly without bias, slander or libel.


    While exciting opportunities await our team student members, always keep in mind there are core procedures everyone must follow both in and out of the classroom while representing the Broadcast Technology Department at Brooke High School.


    Please read over our classroom procedures and policy and sign-off so you fully understand the responsibilities that come with being an active participant with this program.


    I look forward to having you as a member of the Brooke High School Broadcast Team.





    Kevin Elias

    Broadcast Technology Instructor

    Brooke High School

    304-527-1410 (EXT 1525)









    Student Binder – In broadcasting, it is important to take notes, record information and keep organized ledgers for reference materials. The same is imperative in the classrooms for collecting materials, notes, handouts, class work and assignments needed to enhance learning. All students must have a binder that includes their personal notebooks for the class, along with handouts and other paper materials for class.


    Collecting Assignments – Students are responsible for any missing assignment(s) and expected to make-up any assignments in a timely fashion as outlined by instructor or they will be considered incomplete and subject to 0-pts added toward a student’s final grade. Class Assignments will be posted on an ASSIGNMENT CALENDAR in the PRODUCTION STUDIO.




    Beginning Class – Meet & Greet … Students will begin class each morning with a proper meet and greet at the door with the instructor. This is done so students to show a mutual respect between the teacher and the student. In addition, students will get in the habit of using proper greeting manners.


    Attendance Punch In / Punch Out … Like in the workplace when hourly workers punch their timecard, students will use the fingerprint scanner as they walk in as a record of attendance. They will also scan before leaving class.


    Student Contribution Log … All students are expected to participate and contribute to learning with the entire class. This is an important part of a student’s grade record that will enhance or hurt their overall class grade at the end of the semester based on their contributions (just like in today’s workplace).

    • Students can receive up to 10-pts per class by completing any and all of the following:
      • 2-pts for signing in on the Daily Work Log
      • 3-pts for participating in Class Discussion
      • 5-pts for Completing an Turning in Daily Work Exit Notes
        • Daily Work Exit Notes include 3-points learned in class that session.


    Tardy … All students will be inside the classroom when the tardy bell rings. If not, they will be sent for a tardy slip and will abide by the school tardy policy.


    No talking and/or socializing with classmates without permission UNLESS it is for collaboration with an assigned project.


    Attention Getter … To get students’ attention when they speak out of turn or behave in a manner detrimental to learning, instructor will say “Cue 3-2-1.” Anyone continuing to demonstrate actions that fail to meet class expectations for learning will receive an OCURRANCE for their actions.


    RESPECT all SCHOOL and OTHER STUDENT’S property. This would include all books, desks, computers, video equipment.

    Students are to RESPECT each other’s opinions and differences during class discussion and interaction. Likewise, each student must show respect for the instructor and all sources interviewed at all times. Failure to abide by this policy will result in an OCCURANCE.


    Restroom Breaks … Students will be given 4 restroom privilege breaks (Up to 5-Minutes) per semester … These breaks can ONLY OCCUR during the first 15-MINUTES of class. After that, EXCEPTIONS will ONLY be made during emergency situations. Once a student uses his/her 4 privilege breaks for the semester, he/or she must get a tardy slip when using the restroom.


    Only the restrooms near the Broadcast Technology/Library may be used for the special breaks.


    Permission for First Aide/Nurse Assistance … A student who needs to see the nurse must get a signed note with time stating that he/she was at the nurse’s office. Students must come to class first, before going to the nurse.


    Group Interaction … This practice will be permitted as assigned in different formats by the instructor in both lab and lecture learning.


    Take 2 to Review / Q&A … In order to get students in the habit of practices used in broadcasting today, lecture/lessons will be broken into short segments with class review / questions to follow each.

    • After each learning unit, students will break into groups to review the lesson with each other, including a question-and-answer session for clarity and to make sure everyone understand concepts just taught.


    Raise Hand to be Recognized … Just like in media today, proper respect must be shown … If you want to speak out and participate in a discussion or ask a question at an appropriate time, RAISE HAND and be called upon … DO NOT SHOUT out. Continued practices of speaking out of turn can result in an OCCURENCE.





    Clean-Up / Organize Workplace … When production work is finished in the studio lab, students will be expected to clean up all belongings and put all equipment / tools back where they found it. Failure to follow procedure will result in an OCCURRANCE.


    Sign-Out / Sign-In Equipment … Students will show documentation and responsibility by signing off on all equipment being used (whether it’s in class or take-out for outside assignments). Each person will sign-out the equipment when they use it and sign-in when it is returned (noting any physical and performance deficiencies prior to its use).


    The classroom is a video lab and therefore NO EATING, DRINKING BEVERAGES will be permitted in the classroom at

    ANY TIME. Any food or drink in the PRODUCTION LAB / STUDIO will be confiscated and discarded.





    The school policy for CELL PHONES will remain in effect during ALL BROADCAST TECHNOLOGY classes. Any CELL PHONES coming to class must be placed faced down on the desk and TURNED OFF. Failure to do so will result in those cell phones being locked in a cabinet until class is over. (An OCCURENCE will occur each time a student violates this policy.)


    Cell Phone use for INTERNET RESEARCH / OUTSIDE CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES may be granted by the instructor at times if it is necessary to complete needed classroom projects.


    SOCIAL MEDIA / INTERNET (both inside and outside school property) … No one will be permitted to post any

    social media content on the internet related to school projects / class assignments without prior approval by the instructor. Any violation of this conduct rule will result in an OCCURENCE.  Personal content posted should still abide by the same responsibilities associated with being a representative of the Brooke High School Broadcasting Team.




    Occurrences will serve as a matter of record in your disciplinary file. Multiple occurrences in class during a semester can result in class or school disciplinary action.

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