• Syllabus

    Classroom syllabus for Ricky Ridgway

    Wellsburg Middle School


    I expect my students to be on time and prepared for class.

    We will be working on all 4 core academic classes. That is English, Math, Social Studies, and Science.

    The goals of the students IEP will be followed as to what will be taught. I will also follow the state standards

    I do expect the students to do their assignments and to turn them in on time.

    I will not expect the students to buy and special supplies for class. A one inch binder, paper, and pencils will be all I will require of the students. However, if needed I will supply them with the above mentioned items.

    The grading scale is as below:

    93-100  A

    85-92   B

    75-84   C

    65-74   D

    0-64    F

    The math book will be Math Connects

    In math I will expect the students to use a pencil.

    The English and reading books are Writing and Grammar and Common Core Literature.

    The students will keep a journal in English with a daily entry.

    The social studies book is Discovering Our Past/ A Study of the United States.

    In social studies I would like to spend part of the class talking about current events. If possible, please encourage your child to watch news on tv, read the newspaper and/or magazines, or click the news on the internet. Since this is an election year there should be plenty to discuss.

    Our science text is Integrated Science.

    If you have any questions please call Wellsburg Middle School or you may e-mail me at ricky.ridgway@k12.wv.us

    Thank you for allowing me the privilege of teaching your child and I expect it to be a great year.

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  • Classroom Management

    These are the behaviors I expect my students to adhere to.

    1. Be here. Be on time. Expect to stay all day.

    2. Follow school and class rules.

    3. Respect the rights, feelings, and properties of others.

    4. Come to class prepared.

    5. Complete your class and homework assignments.


    One rule that I expect all students to follow is no cell phone in the clsssroom. They are allowed to keep it in their locker. They can give it to me at the beginning of the class. Or they can keep it out of site in their belongings as long as it stays out of site and turned off.

    I expect the students to show respect to all people.

    No bullying will be tolerated. Bully's will be reported to the office.

    I expect students to complete their assignments. I will try to limit the amount of homework, but the students may have to complete their class assignment at home.

    The consequences for not following the rules will be counsel with the student, call home to the parent, referral to the office for detention and/or ISS.

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