• My goal as the 7th grade teacher is to help foster an appreciation for Reading and Language Arts as well as create life-long readers. While in the classroom, it's important to stay POSITIVE, be RESPONSIBLE and RESPECTFUL.


    Expected Behaviors:

    Be here. Be on time. Be present for class.

    Follow class and school rules.

    Respect the rights, feelings, and properties of others.

    Come to class prepared.

    Complete your class assignments on time.


    Class Rules:

    Be respectful. #TreatOthersHowYouWantToBeTreated

    Be kind. #KindnessMatters

    Be responsible. #YouAreInChargeOfYou

    Try your best. #Goals

    No cell phones in class. #NoPictures #NoTexts #NoGames


    Writing and Grammar Focuses:

    Sentence Variety

    Writing Fluency

    Grammar will be addressed throughout bellringers within the class.

    Composition of Informative, Argumentative and Narrative Texts

    Writing Creatively and Poetically


    Commonly Read Materials:

    One or two novel assignments for the year.

    Informational Texts

    Literary Texts