•   If your child has homework that has not been turned in on time, he or she will receive a zero in the grade book until that assignment has been turned in.  I will accept it any time during the 9 weeks.  Once the 9 weeks is over that zero will remain in the grade book if the assignment has not been turned in.

         I provide a copy of a weekly syllabus every Monday that is stapled in your child's agenda that lists what we are doing in our classes that week.  I also give a list of any tests or projects that are coming up that week.  Please make sure to look in your child's agenda everyday.

    Class Rules

    1.  Follow Directions

    2.  Listen carefully, and raise your hand to speak.

    3.  Work quietly and stay in your seat.

    4.  Respect others.  Be kind with your words and actions.

    5.  Respect school and personal property.

    6.  Be prepared by bringing your work and supplies to class.

         The students receive 2 chances before a behavior slip is sent home if they break the rules.  A behavior slip consists of the student having to write what he/she did, why that was the wrong choice, and how it disturbed the rest of the class. They also write the rules and obtain a parent's signature before returning it back to school.