• Social Studies Classroom Syllabus


    Dear Parents/Guardians and Students, 

    Welcome to a new school year at Brooke Middle School! My name is Mr. Pepe and I am very excited to be working with you and your child this year to achieve success in social studies. We have a fulfilling year ahead with a lot to accomplish, and I am eager to get started!  

    In seventh grade we will be covering a wide range of world history. I have very high expectations for my students and am confident we can meet these expectations with teamwork and communication. A child’s quality education needs support and hard work from the teacher, parent, and student. Let’s work together to reach our maximum potential this year! Our work will be challenging, but very rewarding and I expect students to take initiative and responsibility for their own learning. 

    In this packet I have included basic classroom policies, and procedures. Please read it through carefully with your child. I am truly excited for this year and cannot wait to meet you! 




    Anthony Tyler Pepe 

    Phone: (304) 737-3800 

    Email: apepe@k.12.wv.us 


    Classroom Expectations

    Before you walk in the classroom… 

    Before even entering the classroom, I expect that all students are: 

    1. Ready to learn with a positive attitude 
    2. On time 
    3. Well-rested 
    4. Prepared with materials/supplies/homework needed for the day 

    When you’re in the classroom…

    During class time, I expect that all students: 

    1. Respect and value all members of the Brooke Middle community and visitors 
    2. Follow directions of adults the first time they are given 
    3. Raise hands and wait for permission before speaking or leaving their seat 
    4. Participate actively and give their all to the lessons 

    *During our first week of school, we will go over these expectations extensively so we are all on the same page and so there is no confusion.* 


    Classroom Management Plan 

    There are five Expected Behaviors at Brooke Middle School that we encourage our students to follow while at school, on the school bus, or during after school activities.


    Be here. Be on time. Be present for class.

    Follow class and school rules.

    Respect the rights, feelings, and property of others.

    Come to class prepared.

    Complete your class assignments on time.


    Our PBIS Policy:

    While at Brooke Middle School, there are certain behaviors we want you to strive for each day. If you are successful, you will be rewarded.

    PBIS CLASS EVENTS/FIELD TRIPS–In order to attend the PBIS CLASS EVENTS or FIELD TRIPS, you must have not received any Internal School Suspension or Out of School Suspension placements throughout the nine weeks grading period. Those students who have remained ISS and OSS free are eligible to attend the quarterly PBIS Event or field trips planned by your teachers.


    PBIS REWARDS–Students who stay out of Lunch or After School Detention, ISS and OSS for one month, will be eligible to win prizes (such as gift certificates to area businesses) at the end of each month.

    PBIS Class events and rewards are also tied to student attendance. Students may not miss more than 10% of the month/9 weeks/year to be eligible. If you are curious, 10% of a month is approximately 2.5 days. We don’t include EXCUSED ABSENCES in this count. SO COME TO SCHOOL REGULARLY!

    Those students who are not eligible for a monthly PBIS reward will attend a "RETHINK" session during their class reward time.

    Grading System

    Grading Scale:

    A 100 - 90

    B 89 - 80

    C 79 - 70

    D 69- 60

    F 59 - 0

    If you find that your student needs extra help, please have them attend after-school tutoring.