•     This year our school has initiated the "Top 10" rules from our book study on Ron Clark.  The teachers have come up with our own top 10.  Every Monday morning about 8:30am, our school meets together to celebrate successes and go over the rules.


    1.  Look, listen, and show respect.

    2.  Be a good sport.

    3. Use your elbow and say "Excuse me."

    4. Say please and thank you.

    5. Follow along and don't be wrong.

    6.  Homework will be turned in on time.

    7.  Flush, wash, dry, goodbye!

    8. After you eat, make it neat.

    9. Walk in line with arms at your sides.

    10.  Be a buddy, not a bully.


        BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE!!!!!