• Daily Classroom Management:

    When a student's behavior disrupts others in the classroom or disrupts a lesson, the student will be asked to "move" their behavior card. Each colored card represents something different.

              Green Card: Good behavior! Keep it up!

              Yellow Card: Warning

              Orange Card- 1 day at the quiet table at lunch.

              Red Card- will result in one day of AAI and will be excluded from PBIS for that month.


    The students each month are rewarded for their positive behavior and they will participate in a fun activity that they have earned their way to. In order to go to the PBIS event each month the student must meet these monthly requirements.

    My monthly PBIS requirements are:

       In order for a student to attend PBIS they can not have any days in AAI for that month that the PBIS is occuring. If a student earns 3 orange cards in the month or is at the quiet table at lunch 3 times within that month, they will not be allowed to attend the PBIS event for that month.