Mr. Chris Mockbee

Phone: 304-914-5546


Degrees and Certifications:

Technology Education Driver Education General Science Special Education

Mr. Chris Mockbee

I am an Engineering STEM Manufacturing teacher at Brooke High.

I look forward to teaching you about Engineering and Technology.

We are a proud to be WV Simulated Workplace program.

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Our mission in STEM education at Brooke High is to give students the opportunity to learn and experience the tools and techniques of technology that enable them to become competitive problem solvers and contributing leaders of the workforce. 

Technical Education-Science, Technology, Engineering, Math is a necessary part of career technical education because workers not only need to be academically competent but also have a wide range of hands on experiences so that their knowledge can be built on more than just theories. We are the Technology and Engineering component of STEM, as technologists and engineers we plan and create, we do the application of our mathematical and scientific knowledge.

We are creating a pathway that enables middle school students to become advanced in science, technology, engineering, and math. We are providing opportunity for a high level of challenge and learning in high school. We are directing students to programs like Mechatronics and the Steelworker for the Future so they can benefit from meaningful employment. 

Our goal is to attract more students into our STEM program and TSA club at Brooke High. While in our program, our goal is to give them exciting and challenging coursework relevant to industry. All STEM students are learning the problem solving and team work skills that are lifelong transferrable skills. Upon completion of our program, our goal is to help students successfully transition to a technical training programming or engineering school after graduation.