Mr. Nick Tracy



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Nick Tracy

I am in my fifth year at Brooke County Schools.  I am a Special Education teacher at Brooke Middle School.  I am a collaboration teacher were I collaborate with regular education teachers.  After graduating from Barnesville High School I attended Ohio University in Athens, Ohio were I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree.  Then in 2011 I graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Master's Degree. 

Mr. Tracy

Classroom Management Plan


Academic Intervention 8th and 9th Period

Mr. Tracy

Classroom Management Plan


  • Provide a safe and constructive learning environment for all
  • Practice responsibility and respect for others
  • Learn proper and effective uses for science

Expected Behaviors:

  • I am prompt and present: Be here. Be on time. Stay the day.
  • I am responsible and follow procedures: Follow class and school rules.
  • I am respectful: Respect the rights, feelings, and property of others.
  • I am prepared: Come to class prepared.
  • I am an active learner: Complete your class and homework assignments.

8th and 9th period class:

  • Be prepared by bringing your spelling words, Math assignments or notes, Reading assignments, or Science and Social Studies assignments.
  • We will do a review from Math and Reading classes.

Entering/Exiting class

  • Line up in the hallway across from my door quietly.
  • Wait for the teacher to call you into class.
  • When called into class walk in quietly and sit in your assigned seat.
  • When the bells rings I will give you instruction to leave.
  • Make sure your area is nice and clean.
  • Gather your belongings and you may exit the room.

Classroom Rules and Consequences:

  • The classroom rules are posted in the wall in the classroom. These are the rules you are to follow while in class.  Failure to follow the classroom rules will result in signing the classroom management plan.  Once you have signed the classroom management plan 3 times, your parents will be called.  After the 4th time you will receive lunch detention.  (This is a new school policy)


  • Everyone will get one tardy for free. Starting the second time you are late for class, you will sign the late for class list.  After being tardy 5 times, you will receive a lunch detention.  Each tardy after this will result in another lunch detention.  (This is a new school policy)


Expected Behaviors and PBIS


There are five Expected Behaviors at Brooke Middle School that we encourage our students to follow while at school, on the school bus, or during after school activities.

Be here. Be on time. Be present for class.

Follow class and school rules.

Respect the rights, feelings, and property of others.

Come to class prepared.

Complete your class assignments on time.


Our PBIS Policy:

While at Brooke Middle School, there are certain behaviors we want you to strive for each day. If you are successful, you will be rewarded.

PBIS CLASS EVENTS/FIELD TRIPS – In order to attend the PBIS CLASS EVENTS or FIELD TRIPS, you must not have earned any lunch or after school detention, Internal School Suspension, or Out of School Suspension placements throughout a month. At the end of each month, those students who have remained detention, ISS, and OSS “free” are eligible to attend the PBIS Event planned by their grade level teachers.

PBIS REWARDS – Students who stay out of lunch or after school detentions, ISS, and OSS for the month, will be eligible to win prizes (such as gift certificates to area businesses)

PBIS Class events, rewards, and prizes are also tied to student attendance. Students may not miss more than 10% of the month/9 weeks/year to be eligible. 10% of a month is approximately two days. We don’t include EXCUSED ABSENCES in this count.


Those students who are not eligible for a monthly PBIS reward will attend a "RETHINK" session during their class reward time.