Ms. Kerns



Degrees and Certifications:

Masters of Art in Technology Integration and Advanced Teaching Teaching Certificate K-6

Ms. Kerns

          I was born and raised in Ohio County and attended West Liberty Elementary school, Warwood middle school, and Wheeling Park high school. I graduated from Wheeling Park in 2009 and was accepted into the undergraduate education program at West liberty University. In 2013, I graduated with my bachelors of arts for elementary education and  was then accepted into into their graduate program. In 2014, I graduated with my masters of art  in Advanced Teaching and in Technology Integration.  I was once asked what I hope to accomplish as a teacher.   The following is some of my hopes and wants as a teacher:

     I hope to be the kind of teacher that my students can come to for anything. I hope they know that no matter what is going on in their life, they will always have someone to come to. I want my students to know that they are never alone, and that I will help them get through the struggles that are thrown at them.  I want to be the kind of teacher that teaches students who will become future doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, politicians, and much more. As a teacher I want to be part of the reason why my students chose the career path they are chosen. I hope to be the kind of teacher that can be firm when I need to be and silly when I can be. I will teach them right from wrong and teach them proper discipline. I will make learning be fun and enjoyable so that my students will love learning so much, that they will be eager to go to school every morning.

    I hope to be the kind of teacher that my students can come to when they don't understand. I will teach them that no one is perfect and if they struggle with anything, they can always ask for help. I will teach them to ask questions when they need help, answer when others don't understand, and continue to try their hardest.

    I hope to be kind of teacher that my students will always remember.