Ms. Brianna Staffileno

Phone: Franklin Primary School (304) 737-1760


Degrees and Certifications:

Elementary Education K-6 Special Education Multi-Cat/Autism

Ms. Brianna Staffileno

Brianna Staffileno 

Elementary Education K-6

Special Education, Multi-Cat with Autism


Since I have been employed for Brooke County Schools, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work, not only in the special education environment, but also in the general education environment, through collaboration and intervention.  For the beginning of my teaching career, I spent alittle under 2 years in an EBD classroom at Wellsburg Primary School. That position and the employees there, taught me so many great lessons as a new teacher, and in Special Education at that! When an LD job opened up at Franklin Primary School (the same position/school I had observed and student taught at throughout college), I could not pass up the opportunity to bid on that job.  Then, I happily taught and traveled between Franklin Primary School and Beech Bottom Primary School for three school years.  Eventually, both schools needed their own (full day) Special Ed. teacher; so I chose to stay at Franklin Primary School.  I was blessed to work for three years at FPS as the only special education teacher.  This school year, I am blessed to share my room with Ms. Laura Molter, Mrs. Kimberly Nielsen, and Mrs. Sis Bado!  I am very lucky to have the opportunity to work with these wonderful ladies, as well as collaborating with the 3rd & 4th grade teachers, and our wonderful Occupational/Physical and SPL therapists! 

I love that every day (no matter the hard work and planning) has the potential to throw you a surprise!  The students make my job fun and keep me on my toes! I love that it is my job to do everything in my power to make these young minds feel special, smart, accomplished and accountable! 

I have also held the position as a Faculty Senate President at WPS and FPS for several years.  This enabled me to help my coworkers solve issues, answer any questions they may have, and get current information from the Board of Education directly, once a month.  I really enjoyed our monthly meetings and felt they were beneficial to our county, as a whole.  I served as a committe member on Franklin's LSIC and Hiring Committees.  I am currently a part of the PBIS and LSIC Committees for Brooke Intermediate South.  I've also been, and continue to be, a memeber of the Crisis Teams at each school I've been employed at.

In the future, I would like to pursue a Master's Degree, eventually in Special Education or Administration.  My long term goal is to use my experiences and lessons (the ones that I've learned; not just taught) to someday teach Education courses at the college/university level.